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Loss of vision is making life difficult

If loss of sight is making life difficult, Insight Gloucestershire can provide information, support, resources, activities and facilities for all ages and backgrounds throughout Gloucestershire. They do this through their Insight Information Offices, Hospital Information Points and their Resource Centre.

They support all people who have a visual impairment. Visit their website, listed below, or give them a call on 01242 221170 for more information.

The Sensory Services Team at Gloucestershire County Council provides comprehensive support for people who have a visual impairment, their families and carers, including an information sheet about support available in Gloucestershire.

If you want to speak to the Sensory Services for an assessment, please contact the Social Care Adult Helpdesk on:

Phone: 01452 426868. Fax: 01452 427359. Email:

The Gloucestershire Community Equipment Service can provide equipment to help you. Visit their website for more information and to take an online self-assessment.

If you enjoy reading but find print difficult Gloucestershire Libraries can help.

The RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) provides both practical and emotional support to both partially sighted and blind people. Visit the RNIB website for more information.

External Link:
Gloucestershire Community Equipment Service
External Link:
RNIB - Supporting People with Sight Loss
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Insight Gloucestershire
Downloadable Publication:
Information Sheet - Information for People with a Visual Impairment
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Glocuestershire Libraries
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Adult Social Care Helpdesk
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