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Support Group

Talking about your worries and problems can be a very good way of releasing some of the stress that can build up especially if you have been diagnosed with a health condition or you are a carer.

There will be other people in the Support Group who know exactly what you’re going through, because it's happening to them too. Support groups can also offer kindness, sympathy, understanding and advice, and they can make you feel less isolated.

Useful advice

Carers have your say!

Gloucestershire Carer’s Forum discusses issues, gives feedback and helps with consultationthe organisation that provide carer support. Carers UK hosts online forums and they have a regular newsletter for members.

Carer's support groups and organisations that can help

Carers Gloucestershire offers information, support, advice and advocacy. Search for the Carers Gloucestershire record or view their website. They have a telephone helpline on 01452 386 283 . Carers Direct More…

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