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Work, Learning and Volunteering

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Ideas for life long learning and personal development.

Learning isn't just about qualifications: it can be for fun, for hobbies, pub quizzes or to find out more about a holiday destination. There are a wide range of services available to you.

This section will help you to consider the options that are available within Gloucestershire with regards to courses and obtaining qualifications. There are a so many courses around from art classes to dance and cookery which also allows people to socialise and met new people. Locations for courses vary and Gloucestershire Library Service is also regularly used for leisure activities.

Volunteering is a great way stay active, meet new people, learn new skills or use old skills. You will find details of how to access volunteering opportunities and support to find the place which suits your individual needs.

You will also find details on organisations that can support and engage with people looking to find work in Gloucestershire. You will find information on how work can affect any benefits you received and support with applying for jobs, access to computers and tips for interviews.

Please take a look at this section to get some ideas about courses to take and also what opportunities that are available.

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